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Lancaster Festival Fair Day

Join us at the Lancaster Festival Fair Day

From the Lancaster Festival website, this beautiful poster was created by Sean Foley

Dandy Dog will be at the fairgrounds on July 21, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., participating in the Lancaster Festival Fair Day! We won’t be selling our half-pound hot dogs, but we will offer a fun (and science-based) activity for kids: make your own mini-root beer float!

Children admitted free, Adults $5, free parking on grounds. Please bring pet food or supplies to donate to benefit the Humane Society and you’ll be entered in a drawing for free LeAnn Rimes concert tickets!

The organizers call this a family day of old-fashioned fun features animal demonstrations, hands-on projects, activities and exhibits, home cooked foods and lots more.


Get the whole schedule of events here on the festival website.

We have a winner!

We have a winner!

Bill Good and Douglas Craiglow, July 4, 2012
Doug accepts his prize: a month’s supply of Dandy Dogs!

Douglas Craiglow of Lancaster retains his title as the Half-Pound Hot Dog Champion. This year he managed almost 2 pounds (1 lb. 14.2 oz) by the 12-minute time limit on July 4, 2012. And in 95+° heat. Whew!

We even got local newspaper coverage: Check out Contestants-savor-flavor-summer-race-eat-most-hot-dogs. Check out the 13 great up-close-and-personal photos that photographer Matthew Berry snapped. You can even order prints if you’d like to have those images on your walls or coffee cups!


Also, if anyone has video of the contest, please contact Leah Good. Our videos did not come out, and we would love to use yours on our website!

Next…we’ll take on Nathan’s little contest held somewhere on the East Coast. Those puny ‘dogs got nothin’ on Lancaster’s mighty weiners!

Thanks to all our contestants! If you want to qualify for next year’s contest, visit us at the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival, the Amanda Firefighters’ Festival, or the Fairfield County Fair.

Gearing Up for…July 4!

We know you are soooooo ready…

for the Second Annual Half-Pound Hot Dog Eating Contest!

July 4, at 5 p.m. (ish) at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds

We’re pumped, too! Last year’s winner will be competing again this year—will you be the one who knocks him off his throne? Three brothers from Canal Winchester ate two half-pounders in less than 12 minutes and earned a spot in Contestants’ Row

Will you be next?

If you want to compete, drop us a line.

Community Days!

Join Us at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds for Community Days

Community Days, sponsored by the West Side Neighbors Blockwatch, kicked off last night with cool breezes, fun rides for kids of all ages, and what promises to be a great musical scene.


We’re offering a great SPECIAL for this event:

A 1/4-lb. hot dog, bag of chips, and soft drink for only $4.50!

And we have our Dandy Dog! mugs: order a root beer float for $3, and the mug is yours to keep. Bring it back to all our events, all year long, and we’ll refill it for only $2!

Let’s kick off the 2012 season!

2012, here we come!

The West Side United Neighbors Blockwatch Community Days Festival kicks off our Dandy! season! We’ll be there May 10, 11, and 12 to serve up our half-pound hot dogs and our quarter-pound dogs (for you dieters) along with beer bratwurst and of course…root beer floats!

May 10, 5 p.m.–10 p.m.

May 11, 5 p.m.–11 p.m.

May 12, noon–11 p.m.

Looks like serious fun with rides and events! At the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year from Dandy Dog! We’re already starting to create our spring-summer-fall schedule of events; check back for more information as the weather gets warmer and you get hungry for a half-pounder!

Fairfield County Fair

We’re going to the fair! Wheeee!

The Fairfield County Fair runs October 9-15. Find Dandy Dog right outside the main entrance to the Grandstand. We’ll be serving root beer floats in souvenir mugs, bratwurst, 1/4 pound hot dogs, and of course our famous 1/2 pounders.

Bring your root beer mug back and get a refill

Qualify for the 4th of July hot dog eating competition by eating two 1/2 pound hot dogs.



While stunned spectators watched, Rob Cothern of Canal Winchester conquered two half pounders complete with bun, grilled onions and peppers, chili, and cheese in 4 minutes 31.9 seconds. His brother Rodney and friend Jim Hall also completed two big dogs and will be competing in the 4th of July competition next year. Put  in perspective, that would be 10 normal hotdogs and a whole loaf of bread, a half a cup of onions and peppers, a half cup of chili and a half cup of cheese in 4 minutes and 30 seconds!

 Their reminiscent mom said, “Just think, I used to have to feed these guys”.

14 pounds? Really?

This shows the 14-pound dog versus an ordinary dog

14 pounds? Really?


We’ve created a 14-pound hot dog using the same delicious recipe as our half-pound dogs.


Incredibly yummy, incredibly big, at an incredible price.

We recommend, though, that you share it with a big party!

Fabulous for tailgate parties—it will feed at least 50 of your hungry friends.


Labor Day in Canal Winchester! Sept. 3-5

Update Sunday 6 p.m.

This guy ate 2 half-pound hot dogs in 10:46. I think we have a serious contender for next year’s July 4 contest!

 We’re here in Canal! Come on down! Lots of music, some beer, and a lot of food—and with the addition of Dandy Dog! to the food lineup, you’ll take all three meals here for all three whole days.

We have root beer floats in steins you can keep! Buy one this year and fill your mug up all next season for only $2.00!

Plan to eat a half-pound dog in less than 2 minutes to qualify for next year’s Second Annual 4th of July Half-Pound Hot Dog Eating Contest at the Lancaster Fairfield County 4th of July celebration. Beat current champion Douglas Craiglow’s winning amount of 1.16 lbs of Dandy Dog!

See you in Canal Winchester!