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July 4 Contest RESULTS!

We have a new winner!

100MEDIA95IMAG0201Rob Cothern of Lithopolis, Ohio, has won this year’s 4th annual Half-Pound Hot Dog Eating Contest!

The official statistics have been calculated: Rob ate 2 lbs. 11.5 oz. of hot dogs and buns to achieve this year’s win!*

To compare, Joey Chestnut, this year’s winner of that other famous hot dog eating contest in New York, ate 61 regular hot dogs, and those dogs weigh in (without regular bun) at about 1.9 oz. each, whereas ours weigh in (without our huge bun)  at 8 oz. each…. We’re thinking about sending Rob to New York next year to challenge that Chestnut! Wimpy little dogs with their puny little buns will seem like kids’ play to Rob!

Congratulations, Rob, and congratulations to all our contestants who were hungry enough and gracious enough to participate! Thanks especially to Douglas Craiglow, winner of the prior three contests. Douglas’s reaction to Robbie’s win? “That guy’s a beast!” he said admiringly.

Have any pictures of this year’s contest you’d like to share? We’d love to see them! Send to We appreciate it and we’ll post them here and on Facebook!

*Earlier reports had 3.0 lbs., but we forgot to subtract the weight of the enclosing baskets. Sorry ’bout that!

Pictures of prior contests we’ve received from past loyal fans: